rayworks Automation VR Interface

We Brought Together World's Best Automation & Real-time Rendering

Automation VR interface allow automated machines and facilities to be remotely operated and monitored all over the world. We have developed proof of concept and brought together technologies from two industry leaders: Beckhoff and Unreal Engine.

Present Complex Information in a Clear and Concise Way

Real-time Monitoring & Data Visualization

In Virtual Reality we can visualize real-time data directly from modern automation systems. We can interact with the data in a way that is far more natural – reaching out to manipulate objects with our hands, moving around them to view them from a clearer perspective and highlighting objects of interest with a point of the finger.

Remote Operations

Virtual Reality Command Centre

Operate automated machines and facilities remotely all over the world. When facing unexpected situations, key persons could join in the same virtual space all over the world with VR headsets. Point at data in real-time and discuss over audio chat. Effective, real-time communication involving the right people and the right data points at the right time is one of many challenges.