RAYWORKS Founder, CEO & VR Developer

Jussi Tolvanen

“I remember the first time when I tested Oculus Developer Kit (DK1) headset in 2013. At the same moment I understood the full potential of VR. I understood that there’s no more boundaries for creating digital content. The only limit is imagination.

I know that VR is going to raise many questions, especially when it’s concerning your company and how your business can gain advantage from VR. Contact us and you’ll get whole knowledge and expertise of our team.”


Physical and virtual are different forms of the same thing.

Physical is built from matter and virtual is built from bits. Formula of perfect virtual product consist of three different components: that the product looks the same, it works with the same logic and it can be used the same way as physical product.


Over 15 years of experience in web design, graphic design, sound design, motion graphics and almost every field of audio visual content turned out to be a good fundament for developing virtual reality and researching its possibilities.

Since 2013 I have been fully dedicated to develop VR content, studying Unreal Engine and keeping track of VR technology. I founded Player Entertainment Oy in 2014 and in 2018, I changed the company name to RAYWORKS.

Archviz Family

Gosia & Tomek

Gosia and Tomek are the couple behind the architectural visualizations. Gosia has master of science architectect degree and years of experience from interior- and architectural design. Tomek is passionate lighting and environment artist and real-time photorealism visionary.


VR Developer

Jan Kaniewski

Jan Kaniewski is a Software Developer specializing in Virtual Reality since 2012. Previously a full-stack developer, he has released a large and diverse selection of open source plugins for the Unreal Engine (https://github.com/getnamo), used by thousands of developers and millions of users worldwide. Currently researching novel VR locomotion which minimizes motion sickness.