RAYWORKS Founder, CEO & VR Developer

Jussi Tolvanen

Back in 2013 I got my first VR headset and at the same time started experimenting with Unreal Engine. I realized that VR technology and game engines can be used for much more than just gaming. Few months later I founded Rayworks (formerly known as Player Entertainment), one of the first VR-companies in Finland.

20 years of experience in web development, graphic design, sound engineering and almost every field of audio visual content creation turned out to be a good fundament for developing virtual reality content and researching it’s possibilities.

Archviz Family

Gosia & Tomek

Gosia and Tomek are the couple behind the architectural visualizations. Gosia has master of science architectect degree and years of experience from interior- and architectural design. Tomek is passionate lighting and environment artist and real-time photorealism visionary.


VR Developer

Jan Kaniewski

Jan Kaniewski is a Software Developer specializing in Virtual Reality since 2012. Previously a full-stack developer, he has released a large and diverse selection of open source plugins for the Unreal Engine (https://github.com/getnamo), used by thousands of developers and millions of users worldwide. Currently researching novel VR locomotion which minimizes motion sickness.